Monday, 31 October 2011

Tasks and assignments

In brief for 6 cr students are asked to do:
  1. Team work: A detailed project plan done in the team (we each group makes common document about an ongoing project)
  2. Essay and reading material from a list of literature provided during the lectures. Each student writes an short essay (5-7 pages) reflecting the literature - one text or more, according to student's own choice. Essay could also be a brief project plan from one's own personal project (or diary or notes from the ongoing project, reflecting one's own role in the team) or a learning diary (i.e. notes from lectures reflected through some project, weather on going, own or done project). Deadline for the essay is 28th February 2012.
  3. 80 % presence and active participation to the group assignments.
Language for the essays and project plans: suomi or English

Project Plan

This list is more or heuristic, check list of a project. The list is one example and model, you can google also other kind

1. Purpose of the document
2. Task description
2.1. Background
2.2. Project's goal(s)
2.3. Project's task(s)
2.4. Project's limits / boundaries
2.5. Perequisites / assumptions / boundary conditions
2.6. Customer's responsibilities
3. Project partitioning
3.1. Project development strategy and phases / cycles
3.2. Project milestones
3.3. Release Plan
4. Project organization, staffing and contact persons
5. External interfaces
6. Partnering / subcontracting
7. Freezing and change procedure
8. Documentation
9. Processes, methods, quality, tools
10. Risk management
11. Training and consultation
12. Project management practices
13. Communication