Monday, 31 October 2011

Tasks and assignments

In brief for 6 cr students are asked to do:
  1. Team work: A detailed project plan done in the team (we each group makes common document about an ongoing project)
  2. Essay and reading material from a list of literature provided during the lectures. Each student writes an short essay (5-7 pages) reflecting the literature - one text or more, according to student's own choice. Essay could also be a brief project plan from one's own personal project (or diary or notes from the ongoing project, reflecting one's own role in the team) or a learning diary (i.e. notes from lectures reflected through some project, weather on going, own or done project). Deadline for the essay is 28th February 2012.
  3. 80 % presence and active participation to the group assignments.
Language for the essays and project plans: suomi or English

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