Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Preliminary course program

CBM Creative Producer 6 cr

Assessment criteria: passed/failed
fro MA-students of CBM, Visuaalisen kulttuurin maisteriohjelma

Students will learn how to plan, produce and manage artistic and design productions.
The project plan studio is space (and time) for student’s own work with their project plans. After every studio session each team will preset their plans and ideas done.

Assessment criteria: Lectures, tasks in groups, discussions, demos by students. During the course students are asked to make a detailed project plan – for CBM students most likely linked with the Creative Productions –course projects. Students will be assigned reading material from a list of literature provided by the teacher. Pass/ fall 80 % presence and active participation to the group assignments. Essay could also be a project plan or a learning diary (i.e. notes from lectures reflected through some project, weather on going, own or done project).
Language: suomi, English

Preliminary program

2.11.  Wednesday, Pori Ateljee 10.30-15 / NOTE the time
Marjo Mäenpää: Introduction to Creative productions and management - Intoroduction PDF-document
Defining the course work and creative productions

16.11. Wednesday, Pori Ateljee 10-15 /
Leena Mäenpää-Bentley, lineproducer, Dionysos Films Oy  – The lifespan of TV-production - How to manage a creative hassle
Project Plan Studio

30.11. Marjo Mäenpää
Scenario Based Design - Lecture as a pdf-document
Project Plan Studio
January 18th 2012: Wednesday, Pori Ateljee 10-15
Tarmo Toikkanen, Agile Project Management http://tarmo.fi/blog/
Producing for the people / Managing accessible projects
Project Plan Studio

February 1st 2012: Wednesday, Pori Ateljee 10-15
Immaterial productions and rights
Managing artistic immaterial copyrights in digital publishing
Project Plan Studio

February 15th 2012: Wednesday, Pori Ateljee 10-15
Project plan presentations – evaluation and future plans

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